Roulette System: Why Most Slot

This article is going to show you a new, unconventional, latest breakthrough in roulette system.
The creator is a real genius. Now you can play roulette like a Pro and make $326,200 a year jili slot games philippines.
You’ve been disappointed before by other systems that promise the world, but their systems are nothing like what is claimed.
So how can you know for sure if my system which is just launched is any different?
Well the truth is you’ll never know for sure unless you use my system for yourself. But the best way to know BEFORE you actually purchase is to read everything in detail on my website and download it
a few chapters of the ebook.
So WHY does my system win, while others lose?
Most systems lose essentially because they neglect what roulette is really about — a little ball and a wheel. Losing systems are usually based on combination batches and irrelevant patterns that cannot be used to formulate a winning system.
For example, a common pattern that many systems are based on is the law of a third. This law states that after 37 spins, 1/3 of the spins will be repeated. But this is simple statistics — of course some numbers are likely to be repeats! But this still doesn’t tell us WHICH numbers will be repeats with enough accuracy to even slightly increase your edge. And if you don’t beat the house edge, you’ll definitely lose in the long term. This is the conventional way of predicting the outcome.
Forget about the odds and statistics of roulette for now and think of roulette as just a wheel and a ball. What do you think is the best way to determine WHERE the ball will land?…
Physics! It is the study of our universe, including how a small ball interacts and behaves on the roulette wheel. Can you think of any better approach to determine where the ball will land?
If you plan to win, the FAST Roulette System is the only way you should determine where to bet. This includes taking into consideration everything from wheel speed, right down to the bank roll and even spaces. This is what my system does.
Sound like my system is complicated?… It isn’t! I’ll explain:
My system is a simplification of the well known lost mathematical formula. There are numerous physical factors of the ball and wheel that determine where the ball will land – this should be obvious to anyone. And over time, these physical factors create patterns that repeat… after all the wheels, the balls and slots don’t change over time! My system enables you to easily identify the patterns. Once the patterns are found, you simply apply small charts that tell you exactly where to bet. You don’t need to know anything about the physics of the FAST Roulette System itself – you just need to follow simple procedures that are easily mastered within a day. Determining where to bet literally takes seconds.
The hard work is already done for you. I’ve done all the tedious work to find the variables, how they affect where the ball lands, and the resulting patterns. All you need to do is follow the system’s simple rules, and bet where the charts tell you to bet. The system predicts where the ball will land with enough accuracy to clearly beat the house edge so you can play all you like and over time you’ll only continue to profit. Your winnings are limited to the speed of the wheel and the amount of Bank Roll you have.

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