Top 4 Factors That Cause Poor Poker Performance

I began to realize how, whenever I had a bad poker experience, this was due to 1 or more of what I call The 4 Top Factors That Cause Poor Poker Performance.

1. Over Engagement: You are very close to a small part of your poker experience and now you are missing out on other parts of the game as they happen.

You lost control of the biggest poker game because you got too involved in your own game.

2. Daydreaming: You are too far from the game because your attention has been eroded and diverted to the land of the Lala. You are unfocused, lost and for all intents and purposes asleep.

You should be at home in bed qq online, not taking up space at the poker table.

3. Distraction: Your attention is sometimes too weak and easily stolen by outside influences.

Your attention is jumping from stimulus to stimulus: the chatter of the crowd, the dealer’s movement, the bad noise of his opponent’s chips, the hot girl in the front row …

4. Talk to yourself: Sometimes you are listening to a talking voice in your head. This voice makes a constant comment, full of opinions, judgments, imaginations and fantasy.

This voice is not only unnecessary but also potentially harmful because it absorbs the attention that would be best used elsewhere. Like in reality, maybe?

Internal dialogue is mostly for sleeping children and adults, not awakened poker players.

Too involved, daydreaming, distracted, and talking to himself.

These four factors are responsible not only for the poor poker performance covered in this article, but also for much of our suffering, inefficiency, and mediocrity.

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