Poker Skills – Avoiding Going on Tilt

In poker, tilting is a phenomenon you need to avoid at all costs and the player who does not keep it firmly under control runs the very real risk of losing out in the long term. No doubt you will be well aware of the importance of keeping tilting to a bare minimum, but the problem is that so many poker players are so busy focusing on their opponents they forget their playing base situs judi online.

Tilting is something that even the world’s best players will succumb to from time to time and the reason for this is that they get frustrated with the ridiculously lucky breaks that novice goofball players get. Given the prevalence of fishy players who take their brand of “skill” on the internet and online poker communities it is little wonder then that they pop up every so often. This does not make any easier to swallow for the more experienced and confident player because these clowns are actually being rewarded for their terrible gaming.

To be perfectly blunt, it can be extremely demoralising in the extreme to see a high value pot be won by a rank novice especially when you know in your heart of hearts, you could have won it, easily. Even though on a practical level you know you shouldn’t try and play with risky hands such as A3 suited or KT, the temptation just rises and rises inside of you as does your irritation.

The truly excellent player will only ever get directly involved when they absolutely have to and only when it is in their best interests to do so, and these guys will recognise that a tilt is not proper justification to actually play a hand. They also know when to make a strategic withdrawal, i.e. when to pull back when the odds are firmly against them. These guys play and plan for the long term, and so will be more interested in the end game rather than scoring a few petty hits, and winning a few meagre triumphs. Why win a battle, when you can win the war?

No doubt you have encountered these types of players, but remember, these sort of mistakes can be easily avoided simply by carefully reviewing the situation around you and making sure you do not allow your emotions to blindside you. Still struggling with the urge to tilt? Take a calm, deep breath and allow the urge to simply pass you on by. Make sure you always protect your stack and prepare it in such a way that you will use it only to move in for the kill when your rival creates a tilt situation.

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