Opening Up the Online Gambling Industry in France

The online gambling scene from France is on the brink of changing irrevocably with the impending enactment of a new legislation inspired in part from the successful case of the UK as well as other European countries. It remains a vastly untapped possibility of internet gaming operators. The liberalisation of the marketplace, which until now has been controlled with the monopoly of this state-owned Française des Jeux, is under intense scrutiny by the European Commission while at exactly the same time preparing for its fast-paced environment of the online gambling world by which operators are active offering an ever-growing selection of games of chance to the enthusiastic French consumer.

Within this column I am situs togel online to attempt to cover the key points of this emerging French Gaming Law (which remains to be finalised) by simply looking at its viability with respect to licensing and tax regimes and the way it’ll affect foreign entrants into the market.

At the interest of the consumers, an essential element of the legislation intends to prevent dependence by adjusting constraints on wagers and bonuses which could possibly be placed or received from punters. Bearing this in mind, operators will soon be required to include warnings about under age playing and the possible risks of excessive gambling.

The opening of the marketplace will encircle horserace and sport betting and also shared matches of skill, requiring the ability of the player to improve his or her chances by adopting a specific strategy regarding their competitors – such as internet poker. Hence, lotteries, online slot machines, betting exchanges and casino games between playing the bank (blackjack and blackjack for example) will be deducted from the opening as they are thought overly addictive.

· Ensuring compliance with policy objectives seeing internet accessible games.

· telling government certain requirements for different kinds of licences offered.

· Preparing and attributing online gaming operator licence requests.

· Tracking on the web operations and clamping down on illegal gaming sites and fraud.

ARJEL will be permitted to block access to such web sites through an immediate injunction to websites Providers and prevent such financial trades.

· Enacting auditing rules concerning technical and financial data for each trade.

· Creating suggestions to Authorities on legislative and regulatory issues.

· All operators shall be required to provide guarantees and information as with their own identification, gaming experience, share holding, measures taken to reduce fraud and money laundering, secure online payment and protection of information and minors.

One one of these whose spouses or headquarters are established in so called non cooperative tax havens will likely be refused licences to provide their services in France.

· on the web gaming internet sites have to be accessible through a first level domain name end in”.fr”.

· A mirror server, located in France, will contain all data relative to gaming activities and trades between players and operators.

· Licences will be granted for looping renewable periods and shall be non transferable.

8.5% – Sports betting

15.5percent – Horse race betting

2% – Online poker

Such taxation predicated strictly on wagers rather than gaming gross sales is less suitable in the event of poker operators for example, for whom 2 percent tax on wagers would equal taxing approximately 60 percent of gross revenue. This could put operators off entering the market, in addition to go against EU regulations of freedom to provide services. However on the whole, France should remain attractive despite the planned taxation regimen that might be a hurdle to foreign online gaming operators seeking to enter the French market.

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