Permainan Poker… dan Kehidupan

Saya suka poker. Texas Hold ‘Em adalah permainan poker pilihan saya, tetapi saya akan memainkan jenis apa pun- Video Poker, Omaha, tidak masalah. Namun, sebagian besar turnamen Poker adalah Hold ‘Em dan saya telah belajar memainkan permainan dengan baik. Saya juga belajar tidak hanya banyak tentang poker, tetapi banyak tentang kehidupan hanya dengan bermain poker. Meskipun saya baru belajar untuk mentransfer dari permainan poker ke permainan kehidupan, saya ingin membagikannya dengan harapan tidak hanya membantu diri saya sendiri, tetapi juga membantu orang lain melihat sesuatu dengan cara baru.

Semoga Anda yang membaca ini memiliki pengetahuan dasar tentang permainan poker เกมยิงปลา . Jika  mendasar, ditambah beberapa tip hebat dan tempat bermain karena artikel ini bukan pelajaran poker!

Menjadi bipolar, saya tidak selalu bermain poker sebaik yang saya bisa atau seharusnya. Setiap kali saya mengalami manik, saya tidak memiliki penilaian untuk membuat panggilan yang tepat dan saya adalah pemain yang sangat ceroboh dan sembrono. Setiap kali suasana hati saya stabil- sampai tingkat yang dapat diatur- saya merenungkan kembali permainan masa lalu yang telah saya buat dan saya terus-menerus menganalisis permainan saya. Saya mengambil banyak dari setiap tangan yang saya mainkan, apakah saya menyadarinya pada saat itu atau tidak.

Saya telah belajar untuk memahami kapan seorang pemain menggertak atau apakah mereka memiliki tangan yang nyata dan bertaruh secara sah. Saya telah belajar bahwa meskipun tangan saya mungkin terlihat bagus sebagai kartu hole, jika seseorang bertaruh besar dan saya memanggil mereka, saya memiliki peluang besar untuk kehilangan chip yang telah saya peroleh, jadi, lebih baik melipat tangan saya dan menunggu untuk yang berikutnya.

Jadi apa hubungan semua pembicaraan poker ini dengan kehidupan? Banyak, saya percaya. Inilah yang saya pelajari hingga saat ini:

Tidak usah buru-buru! Sudah berkali-kali saya bermain turnamen dan telah ditumpuk tinggi, mendekati akhir. Saya akan menggambar kartu hole yang bagus, dan kemudian seseorang akan bertaruh jauh lebih tinggi dari taruhan minimum. Sangat menggoda untuk memanggil orang itu dengan antisipasi yang kaya untuk mendapatkan setumpuk besar chip, tetapi di sisi lain, jika saya memanggil mereka dan kalah, saya bisa kehilangan seluruh tumpukan saya, sehingga kehilangan turnamen itu sendiri. Jauh lebih baik untuk melipat kecuali saya tahu saya masih memiliki cukup chip jika saya kalah untuk membuat tujuan akhir saya menempatkan tinggi di turnamen.

Terapkan itu pada kehidupan dengan tidak melompat pada kesempatan pertama dari segala sesuatu tanpa hati-hati menimbang pilihan Anda dan konsekuensi dari keputusan akhir Anda. Pada akhirnya, jika Anda melompat ke depan tanpa sepenuhnya menganalisis semua jalan, pro dan kontra, Anda bisa kehilangan semua yang telah Anda usahakan dengan keras.

Baca orang. Jangan pernah berasumsi bahwa Anda benar-benar mengenal seseorang. Saya tidak banyak mengobrol ketika sedang bermain karena itu merusak fokus saya, tetapi saya akan menyapa jika saya melihat nama yang saya kenal dan bertukar obrolan ringan. Dan ada beberapa pemain yang cukup akrab dengan saya untuk mengetahui bagaimana mereka bermain: jika mereka menggertak, apakah mereka bertaruh tinggi di setiap tangan, dan seterusnya. Namun, saya tidak pernah mengambil pengetahuan saya begitu saja. Saya akan menggunakannya sebagai alat yang berguna ketika saya memilih cara memainkan tangan saya melawan orang-orang itu, tetapi saya tidak akan pernah berasumsi bahwa mereka akan melakukan persis seperti yang saya harapkan. Saya telah digertak oleh beberapa orang yang tampaknya paling baik dan kalah besar.

Terapkan pengetahuan itu dalam kehidupan dengan tidak pernah menganggap remeh orang dan selalu berpikiran terbuka, tidak peduli siapa orang itu.

Online Casino Software Companies

When it comes to online casinos, you can almost be positive that the casino you’re playing at was developed by one of three companies: Real Time Gaming, Microgaming, or Playtech. These three giants have risen to the top, and now all casino players expect that the site they’re . playing at was created by one of them.

The reason they are so widely used is because multiple gaming commissions have tested their software for randomness and fairness, and they are certified to be reputable. Plus, since they have developed so many casinos, they have great turnaround times for online casinos because of their extensive experience.

All three developers offer basically the same packages to their clients, but can customize and add on to suit each casino’s needs. Personally, I prefer Real Time Gaming sites, because in my opinion they สล็อตออนไลน์ offer the best casino games as well as quick cashouts and deposits.

RealTime Gaming has really grown in recent years and is now regarded as one of the fastest software programs that online casinos are using. RealTime Gaming is backed by the CDS Corporation Ltd., which acts as a dispute system for any claims that are brought against the RTG. RTG has been active in numerous online gaming councils such as iGGBA and the Interactive Gaming Council. RealTime Gaming software has been used in numerous online casinos including some of the biggest online ones, each of which provides its own personal touch to RTG’s outstanding software.

RealTime Gaming can be played in two separate versions, flash or download. For those that cannot download the software required for some casino games such as MAC users, flash players can be used instead of downloading the casino. For the others that can and wish to download the second version may be awarded with a quicker connection, but both work extremely quick and decisive.

The visual effects of RTG are of the highest priority to its creators and distributors. The graphics developed by its creators offer some of the most vivid and colorful slots, progressive, and video gaming online. The newest version, 6.2, has developed numerous brand new games including 3-reel, 5-reel, and even 7-reel slots that make the view appear as if you are inside a real casino!

In order to ensure security and legality of play, parties such as the Technical Systems Testing (TST) ensure all play is fair and have reviewed the RTG. The liability is turned over to the casinos that use the RealTime Gaming software, which ensures each casino much be separately secure. So before entering a casino make sure to review its history because due to legalities RTG will not be responsible for the actions a casino may make.

All transactions that are made within the casinos that use RealTime Gaming are recorded and stored for the casino and personal usage. This ensures players that they will have access to histories and payouts at all RTG online casinos Payout times usually range around 5-10 days in length and should be recorded by the consumer to ensure amounts are correct.

Mike Wittmeyer is an online gambling affiliate..

No Need To Gamble: Best Bets On Las Vegas Travel Deals

Within this economy, everybody is searching for techniques to pinch pennies. That’s the reason anybody planning a visit to Sin City is distressed to locate Las Vegas travel specials… due to the fact who can afford to pay for whole price these days? Here would be my favorite Hints for doing Vegas for less:

Eventually become a VIP to find completely free rooms as well as also other gratis goodies: In the event you’re traveling to Vegas to bet, the casinos will adore you. High Appliances who bet a great deal of dollars end up getting all sorts of free perks from casino hosts, for example complimentary rooms, show tickets, and yummy meals. The problem with this plan is that you need to bet a-lot to earn your spare benefits. For all people who are not”Whales” at the gaming tables, you will find likely a few better choices for earning Vegas travel prices.
Reserve a deal: The air companies, resorts เล่น เกมส์ ตก ปลา, and traveling blogs all need one to reserve your travel expenses early through and also them to make sure they are the people who win too far your hard-won cash as they can take. One of many ways that they vie for the buck is always to provide bundle discounts, at which you may book your flight, hotel space, and more goodies like reveal meals and tickets, all in 1 bundle that charges significantly less than when you paid to each slice separately. These packages could be great discounts, but like everything else, so you’ll save yourself the most money should you search to find the most useful bundles that agree with your particular requirements. Are you really hoping to catch Blue Man Group as you are in the city? There’s a deal which includes tickets to the series, a hotel room, along with a flight in town, all bundled together in a killer cost.
Traveling to Vegas at the center of this week: Las Vegas is packed with hard-partying masses on weekends, also as the laws of supply and demand dictate, that’s when area price ranges will be in their maximal. But if you have the flexibility and free time for you to travel through the week, you also can save yourself a huge amount of dollars. The least expensive place rates can typically be seen at the center of this week on Wednesdaysa day that exists as a island just as definately not the weekend as you could possibly access. Although the city is only a bit less occupied throughout the nighttime, there is however loads of fun to be enjoyed and the prices will be much, reduced, why don’t you venture out into Vegas and get together like it is Wednesday night?
Comparison shop online internet: The internet is filled with travel web sites offering incredible deals and bundles. Priceline, Expedia, Kayak, Travelocity, and so many more… it looks like the other travel bargain website pops every day. With such a enormous pool of deal websites to pick from, make sure that you navigate as a number as possible can to ensure that you get the best bargain designed for your trip to Vegas. You will find a great deal of discounts out there… but if you place just a little work on, you can be certain that you find the best one.
Eventually become part of a resort’s rewards program: Nearly most of the resorts in Vegas comprise free rewards players or programs clubs that they desperately need their visitors to combine. After you employ one of the cards the casinos difficulty you, you get points which can move towards Comp-S and prices in the future in the future. Many of the hotels in Vegas are connected, meaning you have the ability to utilize your rewards app card and earn things over multiple possessions. For example, the MGM Mirage Players Club card is good at 1-2 Unique hotels, for Instance, new Aria at City-center, Bellagio, The Mirage, along with The MGM Grand. Gains program members get mails with terrific discounts and exclusive offers, plus they’ll often send personalized offers based in your own previous tasks in their casino. Reasonable caution, however: the casinos are looking to collect demographic information regarding you personally and the best way to act as if you are at their own casino, which seems just a bit”1984.” If you really don’t mind the slightly Orwellian vibe towards the total item, nonetheless, these benefits programs certainly are a great means to earn money-saving deals.
Even during a downturn, Vegas is not exactly a inexpensive city, but if you obey my tipsyou can save a bit of serious dollars… which you are able to get rid of at the tables as soon as you hit on the casino floors. There are more amazing strategies for choosing the optimal/optimally Las Vegas Air Hotel Specials, but in the event that you observe your own approaches, you will be well on the road to acquiring great lasvegas travel specials!